Our mission is to help people know Jesus, grow in their personal relationships with him, and find their place serving him. Each year Pastor Joe gives us a vision, one that either breathes in and focuses on personal holiness and, subsequently, growing as Christ’s church, or one that breathes out and encourages us to focus outward on loving others as Jesus does.

Church Doctrine

For information about our elders or for a copy of the CCC constitution, please email [email protected].

Who We Are

As a community, we are united by a life-changing experience with God. As a church, we’re devoted to setting everyone on a path to discipleship, constantly and cyclically engaging God’s people to become more like him.


Jesus arrived on the stage of human history to introduce and reconcile everyone to God. By following the thread of hope throughout scripture from the old testament to the new, we can see him doing that one example, one story, one excessive allowance of grace at a time. To know Jesus is just the first step of many in your life-long journey as a Christian, but it’s the most important.

Wanna Talk?

There’s so much more to being a Christian than believing. Life with Jesus isn’t a magic solution for an easy life, but through the lens of your relationship with God, life’s joys and trials take on new meaning, and you’re not alone. We want to be there for you as you grow deeper in your faith.

Connect with Us

Serving is faith in action, so put yours to work! God’s given each of us a specific part to play in his Church, in fact, you were created for it. You’ll get a front-row seat to watch people’s lives be changed by him. You’ll be unable to stay the same either.

Serve with Us

Church Distinctions


At its core, the Bible is a story of undeserved redemption. God’s grace has transformational power to reach into our broken lives and radically transform us…if we let him. In 2018, we’ll dig into how we were deceived into believing we could achieve perfection on our own and how to become the person you were meant to be, one conformed to the image of Jesus.

Micah 6:8

We’re a church that believes in justice and mercy. We put our money where our mouth is – literally. 100% of all the money collected from tithes and offerings on any given Micah 6:8 weekend are passed on to ministries that are doing work here and around the world that provide justice and show mercy to those who need it.