We weren’t meant to live life alone. God created us to need him and to need the support of others. We can help.


Addiction might feel like freedom in the moment, but our addictions control us to the point that we’re sacrificing our health and relationships. And God wants so much more for you. We do too. There isn’t a magic solution to addiction:  freedom is often a long, challenging road. If you need a simple first step, surround yourself with a healthy, loving community of people who want God’s best for you. Join us.

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Clinical Counseling

No matter what you need to talk through, our clinical counselors want to help. We want you to experience healing, find freedom and gain the tools and wisdom you need to live relationally, emotionally, mentally and spiritually healthy lives.

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Money isn’t inherently bad or evil, but how we use and feel about it will reveal where we’ve placed our trust. If you’re fighting to keep your head above water, want to leave a legacy or don’t have a clue, we have counseling, classes and lots of resources to help at the Block in Hudson.

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