Hundreds of studies claim that money is the leading cause of stress in America. Whether you have a lot of money or feel like you never have enough, the worry, anxiety and obsession with it can cause real problems.

Money isn’t inherently bad or evil, but how we use and feel about it will reveal where we’ve placed our trust. In 1 Timothy 6, God warns us not to put our hope in wealth, but instead to hope in Christ. If you’re fighting to keep your head above water, want to leave a legacy or don’t have a clue, we have counseling, classes and lots of resources to help.


In addition to the resources to the right, we offer confidential coaching sessions, regardless of income, with trained volunteers to offer practical help for people who want to manage their finances according to Biblical principles. There are more than 2,000 verses in the Bible related to money and possessions. True financial freedom, whether you are struggling or in surplus, comes from honoring God’s plan for your life. Let us help you get started by finding out more or scheduling your session. Just email Kelley.


Through Generous Life, Christ Community Chapel provides the congregation opportunities to learn about and live a Christ-centered, blessed life by embracing God’s perspective on financial principles and stewardship.


The mission of Generous Life is to educate and equip people in understanding these Biblical principles through small group Bible studies, workshops, and one-on-one financial coaching. The goal is to see every person become Christ-centered stewards who gives generously, saves regularly, lives debt free and understands God’s perspective on money and possessions. Whether young or old, struggling or in surplus, everyone needs to understand God’s heart on these principles!