We often think we know what people are and are not capable of by sight or through quick conversation. God works differently, analyzing our hearts and calling average people to achieve extraordinary feats. David may have been merely a young shepherd boy when we first meet him in the Bible, but God recognized a "man after his own heart." David would go on to become the best human king Israel ever had, teaching us that faith in God's power to overcome any obstacle can go a very, very long way.
Date Message Title Speaker Listen/Watch
7.31.16 David and Nathan: How Healing Happens Joe Coffey
7.24.16 David and Bathsheba: How Sin Works Joe Coffey
7.10.16 David Dances Mike Holwerda
7.10.16 David Dances Brian Kunkler
7.3.16 The Mighty Men Marshall Brandon
6.26.16 The Friends Todd Iannetta
6.26.16 The Friends Marshall Brandon
6.19.16 David and Goliath Joe Coffey
6.12.16 After God’s Own Heart Jimmy Kozy
6.12.16 After God’s Own Heart Marshall Brandon
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