3.5.17 | Joe Coffey | Restore Addiction Recovery

Whether you have been directly affected by it or not, you have probably at least heard that Northeast Ohio is facing a major opioid addiction crisis right now. Heroin overdoses in the greater Akron area are all too commonplace, and more dedicated resources are needed to help those with addictions recover.

Throughout history, God's church has often felt the call to be healers in this world, helping those in need as best they can. Now is one of those times, and as a result, Christ Community Chapel is helping to start Restore Addiction Recovery, a comprehensive addiction recovery center that will offer connected facilities where people can stay through every stage of the recovery process. Hear from Pastor Marshall Brandon about his personal experience dealing with heroin throughout his life, and from Pastor Joe Coffey, who lays out our vision to reach, rescue, regenerate and reconcile those suffering from addition today. Finally, consider praying for the ministry! You can learn how here.

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